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Study – Design & Installation – Automatic Power Factor Control Panel ( APFC Panel)

APFC Panel is called as automatic power factor control panel . It is often set up with Main Switch Board Panel ( MSB Panel) or Low Power Panel. It can be set up individually, depend on its designing. Besides, it can directly set up in some location of consumption load. APFC Panel is compensation again the losses of reactive power (Capacitor), is lost during transmission and distribution (Inductor). The purpose of  low voltage capacitor Panel: About economy: Reduce the cost of electricity.( [...]

Study – Design & Installation – Automatic transfer switch Panel ( ATS Panel)

ATS Panel  is automatically transfers switch between main powers and spare powers, with purpose of maintain electric system is always ready in case main power is lost. Spare power can be generators, secondary transformers or UPS. Opening ATS Panel can control upto from 3 to 4 power…. It can control switchgear for priority or non-priority load, it depents on requirement and purpose for its use. The most popular panel that we used is: 3 ACB, 3MCCB, 3 MC to control [...]

Study – Design & Installation – MSB panel (Main Switch Board Panel)

The MSB (Main Switch Board) is a Main Panel used to supply power for the entire system. It can combine  with the other modules ( It’s function is input, distribution, ATS, Capacitor) or can be single with each another (Its function is distribution ). MSB ‘s location is set up behind Transformer. MSB panel is often supplied for projects such as: MSB panel for tenements house and builldings. MSB panel for hospitals and schools. MSB panel for factories and residential [...]