MSB panel
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Product Description

The MSB (Main Switch Board) is a Main Panel used to supply power for the entire system. It can combine  with the other modules ( It’s function is input, distribution, ATS, Capacitor) or can be single with each another (Its function is distribution ). MSB ‘s location is set up behind Transformer.

MSB panel is often supplied for projects such as:

  • MSB panel for tenements house and builldings.
  • MSB panel for hospitals and schools.
  • MSB panel for factories and residential erea.

Dự án - Chung cư Hoang Quoc Viet - Quận 7MSB_Chung cu Hoang Quoc Viet_HCM

Technical characteristics.

  • Enclosure made by with steel, powder croating, tole 1.5-2.5mm.
  • Color: RAL 7032/ 7035
  • Max power: 6300A, short circuit: 150kA
  • Number of poles: 3P 5W or 1P 3W
  • Frequency: 50Hz, working temperature: 0-50C
  • Rated current: 380/400/420Vac.
  • Rated insulation voltage: 690/1000 Vac
  • Self-standing panel or hanging wall.
  • Architecture ACB standing, MCCBs/MCBs are standing or horizontal.
  • Manufacturing standard: IEC 61439-1/2
  • Design symbol standard: IEC 60617
  • Protection standard: IEC 60529
  • Component standard: IEC 60947
  • Protection level: IP 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X.
  • Integrated protection for current, voltage and phase.
  • Displaying information: V, I, F Cos, P, Q, S, THD…
  • Integrated monitoring, remote control through network communication.

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