Bcons Suoi Tien Apartment Project – Dist 9, HCM City

Bcons Suoi Tien Apartment borders Di An and District 9 Ho Chi Minh City. To provide the entire cabinet system for the apartment, from cabinet MSB - ATS - Capacitor to the DB floor cabinets, Pump control cabinet systems, water treatment cabinets, lighting cabinets ... We have met all standards of the Investor, the electricity, supervision consultants and general contractors on the entire system of electrical cabinets. After the handover and installation of the entire electrical system of the building was in good [...]

Lavida Complex Area Project – Dist 7, HCM City

Design, manufacture and supply a complete package of MSB 21 panels system Module 4P 4000A - ATS 4000A - Compensation 2000kVAr (Form 3B, IP 43), MDB - DB cabinets, control cabinets and floor cabinets of all kinds. One of the complex includes commercial, office and luxury apartments on Nguyen Van Linh Street in District 7 - Ho Chi Minh City. To provide the entire panels system for the apartment, from the total panel MSB - ATS - Capacitor to the DB [...]

Bidipar Factory Project – Qui Nhon City

Design, manufacture and supply of MSB 5 system modules 4P 2500A - ATS 1600A - 700kVAr Capacitor (Form 3B, IP 42), MDB panels, control panels and DB types. Bidiphar Plant (Pharmaceutical - Health Binh Dinh). It is one of the leading drug manufacturers in Qui Nhon as well as the national pharmaceutical industry. The system of equipment from construction, to electrical cabinets must be of high standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of this condition, the entire system of electrical cabinets [...]

Det Kim Thanh Factory Project – Cu Chi – HCMC

PQS provides the entire system of MSB 4P 6 Module 1600A - ATS - Capaciotr Compensation and DB cabinets, control cabinets for existing and extended workshops are operating well and quality. The expansion of the Kim Thanh knitting factory while the existing factory is still operating normally. PQS has coordinated with the M & E contractor to conduct a thorough field survey. We have to design very standard, very accurate calculation and details for the load. Finally, electrical cabinets [...]

Decapella Apartment Project – Dist 2, HCM City

Design, supply electrical panel system - MSB 6 Module 4P 3200A (Mains, ATS, APFC, DB - Form 3B, IP42), control panel (Pump panels, Lighting panles) and floor panels (DB - kWh) One of the key buildings on Luong Dinh Cua Street in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. To provide the whole system of cabinets from the MSB - ATS cabinets - Compensation to DB floor cabinets, water treatment control cabinet (waste water pump cabinet, water pump, pressure pump).Lighting cabinet system. We [...]

Vinamlk Tay Ninh & Vinamilk Di Linh Milk Factory Project

Design, munufacturing and supply electrical panel systems - MSB 2 module system 3P 800A (Form 2A, IP 42), DB panels and control panels for Vinamilk factory  (Vinamilk Tay Ninh, Vinamlik Di Linh) Vinamilk's projects always have a high demand for management and production standards. To provide the whole system panels for the plant, from the total panel MSB - ATS - Capacitor to the DB panel, pump control panel, lighting panel system. We have met all the standards of the investor, electricity, supervision consultant and [...]

T78 Guest house HCM City Project

Design, munufacturing and supply electrical panel systems - 05 ATS 3P 1000A and 3P 200A (Form 2A, IP 5X, IEC 60439-1/5). T78 guest house, Commission City, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Project is one of the projects request very high of ATS product standards . This is the system of integrated ATS standards in the G7 countries, the quality of the panel must pass the test standard that the owner put out. Our PQS company has respond all the consulting and supervision issues of [...]