PQS Commercial Technology Company Limited, we are established based on the knowledge and experience which were accumulated from working in different prestigious companies. With the mission and ambition to become a panel manufacturer and integrated system of quality and prestige in the market.

We build a team of engineer being dynamic, created, enthusiastic in work, trained style of work with the word heart in career. We specialize in the design, producting the electrical panels, Cable lader-Trunking, industrial automation systems projects and received appreciate from the investors and partners.

Our company has been a community always listening, learning and established under the motto: “Dedication, prestige, responsibility and profession ethics.”

Quality In Every Detail



  • Consulting, design principle diagram of electrical cabinets for buildings and factories
  • Consulting, design, installation – Active harmonic filter cabinet
  • Consulting, design, installation – Synchronized cabinets
  • Consulting, design, installation – Factory automation system
  • Consulting, design, installation – Monitoring system, data reporting
  • Consulting, design, installation – Sacda system, IOT monitoring and controlling factories, buildings, hospitals, hotels, industrial parks,…


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