Yteco Health Service Depot – Thu Duc – HCM City

Design, munufacturing and supply electrical panels systems - MSB 3 Module 4P 630A (Mains, ATS, DB - Form 3B, IP43), MDB, DB, control panels. Departement of Yteco Medical project, District Thu Duc, HCM city. One of the medical cold storage of health Service Yteco, HCM city.The construction and electrical systems of the depot must respond the medical standards. Because of the above requirements, electrical panel systems must be operated 24/24, electrical panel must achieve high quality. The system must respond IEC standards and pass the [...]

What is harmonics? – Reasons makes harmonics- Harmonics filter system

Definition of harmonics filter reactor Harmonics filter reactor is a noisy form, featured by complete vibration on basic industrial spectral frequency. Harmonics filter reactor in AC power is definited as sin of a wave period with frequency is equal with integer times of basic frequency in that system. fh = h.fb; h = (n*p) ± 1, in that, h is harmonic step, n is positive integer, p is impulse number ( 3, 5, 7, …,21,…49, …) An any frequency form is sum of [...]

Study – Design & installations – Pump control panel

Pump control panel is designed to control the startup mechanism (DOL, Y / D, Soft start, Inverter, ...) to On/ Off the pumping process of a system of pumps. through control panels and power by programming devices, switchgear and sensors by direct control, indirect or through industrial communication networks.   The pump control panel can be run with one pump, or two pumps - three pumps, etc. by running alternately. Panel has the function to memorize the pump run time, remember the last pump [...]

Study – Design & Installation – Low Voltage panel (LV Panel)

Low voltage panel (LV Panel) or transformer panel, it can be seen the same MSB panel. LV Panel is set up behind Transformer. Normally, it is only one ACB/ MCCB, or combine 2 bank ACB/ MCCB and capacitor bank. LV panel is often supplied for projects such as: LV panel for tenements house and builldings. LV panel for hospitals and schools. LV panel for factories and residential erea.   Technical characteristics. Enclosure made by with steel, powder croating, tole 1.5-2.5mm. Color: RAL [...]

Reasons makes capacitor damaged and swelled – How to repair

Definition about Capacitor: Capacitor is a kind of passive electronic component created by two conductive surfaces and separated by dielectric. When voltage difference on two conductive surfaces is alternating voltage, charge accumulation is dephased than voltage, create impedance of capacitor in alternating circuits. Capacitor is divided into 2 kinds: DC capacitor and AC capacitor. Definition about Capacitor Capacitor is a system of 2 conductors put closer together and separated by an layer insulation (dielectric). Capacitor has charge and discharge in the circuit. Featured [...]

Study – Design & Installation – Extinguishment-fire-panel

Extinguishment fire panel used to alarm and extinguish fire when incident happening. Extinguishment fire system consist of: Control center, control panel is most important factor. Sprinkler and pipeline system. Pump extinguishment fire: Electric pump, compensational pump, diesel pump. Valve system and preasure and flow sensor Through sensor system, control center panel always automatically maintain preasure in pipeline from threshold settings. ( high threshold: 8k, low threshold, adjust for requires). When electricity is ready: If preasure less than 8k then prioritory [...]

Study – Design & Installation – Distribution Board (DB Panel)

Distribution doard is branch distribution, used to supply electricity for a system of machiner and component or one floor of building, apartment…DB panel used to set up behind MSB panel and front load consumption. DB panel used to some projects as follow: Tenement house and buildings Hospital and schools Factory and residential erea. Technical characteristics: Enclosure made by with steel, powder croating or Inox, tole 1.2-2.5mm. Color: RAL 7032 7035 Max power: 800A, short circuit: 100kA Numbers of poles: 3P 5W [...]

Study – Design & Installation – Automatic Control Panel

The purpose of  Control Panel for controlling, monitoring processes of  a control system and power through program component, switchgear and sensor with direct control or through industrial communication network. Control Panel used for factories, buildings, electricity, industrial zone, complex zone, tenement house and villas as following: Control panel for product system. Light Control Panel. Pump control panel ( Y/D, soft star, Inverter…) Control panel for controlling water. Control panel for monitoring electronic weight, trunk weight, separate weight Control panel for [...]

Study – Design & Installation – Automatic Power Factor Control Panel ( APFC Panel)

APFC Panel is called as automatic power factor control panel . It is often set up with Main Switch Board Panel ( MSB Panel) or Low Power Panel. It can be set up individually, depend on its designing. Besides, it can directly set up in some location of consumption load. APFC Panel is compensation again the losses of reactive power (Capacitor), is lost during transmission and distribution (Inductor). The purpose of  low voltage capacitor Panel: About economy: Reduce the cost of electricity.( [...]