VietPearl Unit Hotel – Vung Tau City

VietPearl Unit Hotel – Vung Tau City

Design, manufacture and supply all panels system –  MSB panel system 6 Module 4P 2000A – ATS 2000A – Compensation 600kVAr (Form 3B, IP 42), MDB panel, Pump control panel, Pressure fan, fire protection and all DB panel.

VietPearl Unit Hotel (Vung Tau City). It is one of the top hotels in Vung Tau coastal city. The system of equipment from construction to electrical equipment such as electrical cabinets must be of 4-star standard.

Because of the above needs, the entire electrical cabinet system is required to operate in a harsh environment near the sea and continuously. So all the equipment in the panel we supply must be of high-end products.

The production standards of the electrical panel system must meet IEC international standards, and at the same time must pass all testing criteria set by the investor and the supervision consultant.

The entire system of hotel cabinets that we supply and install has worked well.