Extinguishment fire panel


Extinguishment fire panel used to alarm and extinguish fire when incident happening. Extinguishment fire system consist of:

  • Control center, control panel is most important factor.
  • Sprinkler and pipeline system.
  • Pump extinguishment fire: Electric pump, compensational pump, diesel pump.
  • Valve system and preasure and flow sensor

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Through sensor system, control center panel always automatically maintain preasure in pipeline from threshold settings. ( high threshold: 8k, low threshold, adjust for requires).

  • When electricity is ready: If preasure less than 8k then prioritory for compensation pump, if it is greater 8k then it will automatically stop.
  • If pensational pump is runing but less than 8k then preasure will decrease under 4k then electric pump will automatically active to 7.5k, then electric pump will stop and pensational pump will reactive till it gain 8k then stopping.

Besides, control panel has Man operation mode to control ON/OFF through bottons and switches for every pump.

In Control panel, is set up protection phase, voltage and heat for Pump, has output signal to switch of ACB/ MCCB for MSB panel when incident happening to isolate for entire system.

Technical characteristics:

  • Enclosure made by with steel, powder croating or Inox, tole 1.2-2.5mm.
  • Colour: RAL 7032/ 7035
  • Allowed to select Auto/ Man mode.
  • Pump start system: DOL, Y/D, Soft start, Inverter.
  • Protection system with preasure switches, water level Relay.
  • Charging mode for Pump diesel.
  • Manufacturing standard: IEC 61439-1/2
  • Designing symbol standard: IEC 606 17
  • Protectionstandard: IEC 60529
  • Component standard: IEC 60947
  • Protection level: IP 2X, 3X, 42, 43, 54.
  • Panel form: 1, 2A, 2B
  • Integrated proctection for voltage, currnet, flow, phase, heat.
  • Displaying information: V, I, F
  • Component program and monitoring through PLC
  • Connecting support with BMS system, Extinguishment fire system
  • Integrated monitoring, remote control through network communication through Modbus, Profibus, internet.

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