Pump control panel


Pump control panel is designed to control the startup mechanism (DOL, Y / D, Soft start, Inverter, …) to On/ Off the pumping process of a system of pumps. through control panels and power by programming devices, switchgear and sensors by direct control, indirect or through industrial communication networks.

The pump control panel can be run with one pump, or two pumps – three pumps, etc. by running alternately. Panel has the function to memorize the pump run time, remember the last pump started last time to optimize the life of the pump. In the process of running alternately, the pump has a fault, the Panels have the function to call the pump to run continuously, at the same time error warning to troubleshoot the fault with the pump.

There are two modes of running – Auto or Man. In case the panel does not operate automatically, we can manually control the push button system and switches.

Some popular types of cabinets such as:

  • Water pump control panel
  • Booster pump control panel
  • Waste water pump control panel
  • Water treatment control panel